Mia Mala is New Zealand-owned and operated.

Mia Mala was formerly known as 'Mala Beads NZ'. Steeped in a passion for life, the ocean, travel, yoga, and the Indonesian culture, this beautiful business was created to support the local villages of Bali, and celebrate the craft of Indonesian jewellery-making.

It is now about much more than that. We hope to support our community in their mindfulness journeys, and discoveries of the self.

Our beautiful mala beads, bag tassels, and tassel jewellery are all traditionally handcrafted by Balinese artisans, made with love and mindfulness. Our Sterling Silver pieces are steeped in meaning. We believe jewellery can tell a story; each piece can carry moments of your life. This is why we say, love what you wear.

So please - don't just buy our jewellery. Choose pieces that speak to you, set your intentions in them, and wear them as a reminder to live those intentions daily.

Now more than ever, it's important that we ignore the distractions around us, and try to be present in the important moments. Life is far, far too short.

Be present. Be kind to others. Love generously.



Each of our pieces have been carefully selected, and are designed to be worn with intention. While they have descriptions and names which may help in your purchase, the intention you set must be one that you choose - something that may help with your character, body, mind, heart, or soul (for example).

Once you receive your jewellery, take that intention and set it to your piece. Your intention may be a mantra, such as, I am strong. Or, it may be a reminder for challenging moments, such as, just breathe.

Whatever the intention, wear it - and live it. Let the jewellery act as a reminder for your focus, so you can live your intention daily and grow into your true self.