Posted on by Mia Mala Team

Mia Mala proudly reflects a passion for life. For living with intention. To seek the beauty in all things and be present in moments, rather than letting those moments pass us by.

The business was originally inspired by the ocean, travel and yoga. It has grown to support others in their mindfulness journeys, and their discoveries of the self.

Each of our pieces have been carefully selected and are designed to be worn with intention. While they have descriptions and names which may help in your purchase, the intention you set must be one you choose. Something that may help with your character, body, mind, heart, or soul (for example).

Once you receive your jewellery, take that intention and set it to your piece.

Your intention may be a mantra, such as I am strong. Or, it may be a reminder for challenging moments, such as Just Breathe.

Whatever the intention, wear it - and live it. Let the jewellery act as a reminder for your focus, so you can live your intention daily and grow into your true self.

Mala Beads

If you have chosen a mala, use it as part of your regular yoga practice to embed your intention even further.

The purpose of a mala is to be used as part of a meditative practice before your yoga practice. Repeat your intention, either in your mind or out loud, 108 times as you move around each bead.

The number 108 has significant meaning across many cultures and disciplines, and informs the architecture of sacred texts that are central to yoga and eastern philosophy.

For more information, read our blog, What is a Mala?